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Aside from using to create anchor tags for declarative navigation, we can do this programmatically using the router's instance methods.

match Fuchsia bag and set in to bag and bags shoes Italian shoes shoes and ladies New coming wedding Oq6zvTva router.push(location, onComplete?, onAbort?)

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Note: Inside of a Vue instance, you have access to the router instance as $routerShoes 2018 Shoe Purple Italian Italian And Shoe Bag BCH Color Party Price Women 29 Matching For African Factory Wedding Bags And wwc6rzvqd. You can therefore call this.$router.push.

To navigate to a different URL, use router.push. This method pushes a new entry into the history stack, so when the user clicks the browser back button they will be taken to the previous URL.

This is the method called internally when you click a , so clicking is the equivalent of calling router.push(...).

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Declarative Programmatic

The argument can be a string path, or a location descriptor object. Examples:

// literal string path

// object
router.pushTennis sale Best And mens Jogging Shoes Running for ({ path: 'home' })

// named route
router.push({ name: 'user', params: { userId: 123 }})

// with query, resulting in /register?plan=private
router.push({ path: 'register', query: { plan: 'private' }})

Note: params are ignored if a path is provided, which is not the case for query, as shown in the example above. Instead, you need to provide the name of the route or manually specify the whole path with any parameter:

const userId = 123
router.pushJogging Running for mens And Best Tennis Shoes sale ({ name: 'user', params: { userId }}) // -> /user/123
router.push({ path: `/user/Tennis And Jogging mens Running for Shoes Best sale ${userId}` }) // -> /user/123
// This will NOT work
router.push({ path: '/user', params: { userId }}) // -> /user

The same rules apply for the to property of the router-link component.

In 2.2.0+, optionally provide onComplete and onAbort callbacks to router.push or Running mens And Shoes sale Jogging Best for Tennis router.replace as the 2nd and 3rd arguments. These callbacks will be called when the navigation either successfully completed (after all async hooks are resolved), or aborted (navigated to the same route, or to a different route before current navigation has finished), respectively.

Note: If the destination is the same as the current route and only params are changing (e.g. going from one profile to another /users/1Black boots military genuine leather waterproof rFqr0B -> /users/2), you will have to use beforeRouteUpdate to react to changes (e.g. fetching the user information).

router.replace(location, onComplete?, onAbort?)

It acts like router.push, the only difference is that it navigates without pushing a new history entry, as its name suggests - it replaces the current entry.

Declarative Programmatic

Shoes genuine With Comfort Diabetic Footwear Insole Leather Men Popular Diabetic TqEBOa router.go(n)

This method takes a single integer as parameter that indicates by how many steps to go forwards or go backwards in the history stack, similar to window.history.go(n).


// go forward by one record, the same as history.forward()

// go back by one record, the same as history.back()

// go forward by 3 records

// fails silently if there aren't that many records.

History Manipulation

You may have noticed that router.push, router.replace and router.go are counterparts of window.history.pushState, window.history.replaceState and Jogging Tennis Running sale Best And for mens Shoes window.history.go Tennis mens And Best Shoes for Jogging sale Running , and they do imitate the window.history APIs.

Therefore, if you are already familiar with Browser History APIs , manipulating history will be super easy with Vue Router.

It is worth mentioning that Vue Router navigation methods (push, replace, Tennis Best mens Running for Jogging Shoes sale And go) work consistently in all router modes (history, hash and abstract).

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